NEW! JII Learning Circle – Research and Study group

Starting from June, Join JII members who will regularly get together to share their research and best practices. Each meeting we discuss a different theme presented by a JII member. A great chance to broaden stay on the cutting edge of research and practice. For details see below.


When: June 1st 19:00-21:00

What: JII learning Circle (Research and best practices study group)

Where: Juntendo University, Ochanomizu Campus

Title: Motivated Empathy and the Willingness to Change: Implications for Intercultural Adaptation

Speaker: Hanna Chouchane

Description: When talking about expatriate adaptation, the bulk of the literature is centered around a sojourners ability to efficiently function in a different environment. In particular, authors are generally guided by the concept that cultural empathy (an increase in which facilitates adaptation) is an ability that one possesses or lacks. However, adaptation defined by Shaules (2007) as “allowing for change in oneself as a response to adaptive demands from a different cultural environment” is “limited by one’s ability or desire for change”; a point not often talked about. This study examines the role of motivated empathy in a sojourners willingness to adapt.

Cost: Free for JII members. Non-members may attend once for free.

To join or for more info: Contact Joseph: events(at)