Oct 22–Dec 17, 2021
Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass *REGISTRATION IS OPEN

Learning Circle (ongoing)


May 2–July 2, 2021
Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass 

January 27-March 10, 2021
Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass  

October 21-December 2, 2020
Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass  

July-October, 2020 (*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Learning Circle is currently transitioning to a virtual format.)
Learning Circle: Globalization and Deep Culture Learning

January-June, 2020 (virtual meetings)
Learning Circle:Academic Study Group – Language, Culture, and the Embodied Mind

February 21(THU)-22 (FRI), 2020
Deep Culture Seminars: Foundations Seminar


September 20 (FRI), 2019
Learning Circle: Creating a Cross-Cultural Understanding Course—Insights and Challenges

June 29 (SAT), 2019
June Learning Circle: Half-day workshop—Engaging students with the Linguaculture Motivation Profiler

May 30 (THU), 2019
Intercultural Session V—Deep Culture Learning

May 24 (FRI), 2019
JII Learning Circle: Language and Culture in the Lower-level Classroom—Best Practices

April 19 (FRI), 2019
JII Learning Circle: Culture, Cognition and Intercultural Learning for a Global Age

February 8 (FRI), 2019
JII Learning Circle: ‘Caught in the loop’: The engagement-resistance cycle in intercultural encounters

January 31 (THU), 2019
Intercultural Session IV-Workshop: Deep culture learning IV 

January 12 (SAT), 2019
JII Learning Circle: Welcome to the Pelican family! Simulating an intercultural encounter in your classroom



December 8, 2018
CEGLOC Conference-21st Century Classroom

November 2, 2018
JII Learning Circle: Culture in Language Teaching—Ideas and Activity Sharing

September 7, 2018
JII Learning Circle: Javier Salazar, Ph.D.

August 8, 2018
Workshop, SIETAR World Congress

July 14, 2018
Joseph Shaules Lecture: Yume-nabi Live

July 6, 2018
JII Learning Circle: Harumi Ogawa Ph.D

July 1-5, 2018
Joseph Shaules Presentation at International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology Congress

June 1, 2018
JII Learning Circle: Hanna Chouchane

February 23-24, 2018
Train the Trainer Workshop (Germany)
Title: Mind, Brain and Culture: New Paradigms in Intercultural Understanding



December 2, 2017
Resistance is Normal-Barriers to Motivation and the Psychology of Language Learning 
Sponsored by the Japan Intercultural Institute, with support from MEXT (Japanese  Ministry of Education)

September 29-30, 2017
JALT Shizuoka Chapter Conference

Constructive Communication Across Gender And Cultures

June 10, 2017
JII One-day Intensive Seminar Linguaculture Learning—Theory, research and classroom practice