Oct 2, 2021 – 10:00-11:30 Intercultural Communication Workshop (Sponsored by SIETAR Chubu in collaboration with JII):

Title: Linguaculture: The Deep Connection Between Language and Culture 

Description: It’s clear that language and culture are closely related. Despite this, language learning and cultural learning are often treated as separate processes and it can be hard for language teachers to integrate cultural learning into their lessons. This presentation helps resolve this dilemma. Participants will learn about the Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning (DMLL), a unified approach to language and culture pedagogy. The DMLL describes four developmental levels of linguaculture learning. It can be applied in both intercultural and language education work.

Presenter Bio: Joseph Shaules (PhD) is a Specially Appointed Professor at Keio University’s GIC Center, in Tokyo. He is the director of the Japan Intercultural Institute. He teaches in the Tsuda University Graduate Program in TESOL. Books include Language, Culture and The Embodied Mind (Springer); The Intercultural Mind (Intercultural Press); Deep Culture (Multilingual Matters). He hosts The Deep Culture Podcast.

Open to the public. For registration: Shaules SIETAR Japan Chubu – Info-Registration.

Feb 11 – Apr 8, 2022
Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass *REGISTRATION IS OPEN

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Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass 

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Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass  

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Brain, Mind & Culture Masterclass  

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February 23-24, 2018
Train the Trainer Workshop (Germany)
Title: Mind, Brain and Culture: New Paradigms in Intercultural Understanding



December 2, 2017
Resistance is Normal-Barriers to Motivation and the Psychology of Language Learning 
Sponsored by the Japan Intercultural Institute, with support from MEXT (Japanese  Ministry of Education)

September 29-30, 2017
JALT Shizuoka Chapter Conference

Constructive Communication Across Gender And Cultures

June 10, 2017
JII One-day Intensive Seminar Linguaculture Learning—Theory, research and classroom practice