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Intro and Chaps 1-Language Culture and the Embodied Mind, Shaules (2020)
Description: Book excerpt. Language, Culture and the Embodied Mind: A Developmental of Linguaculture Learning. This book was produced with support from JII and JII members. Further chapters are available on request. Please contact us.

Linguaculture Resistance: An Intercultural Adjustment Perspective on Negative Learner Attitudes in Japan, Juntendo Journal of Global Studies, Vol. 2, pp. 66–78
Description: This article reports on an exploratory study of negative attitudes towards English language learning among Japanese learners. Results showed that negative student comments provided evidence of resistance, including self-criticism and psychological distancing. The notion of resistance is proposed as a way to gain insight into, and destigmatize, negative attitudes among language learners. Ideas for further research are suggested.