The Japan Intercultural Institute sponsors educational Seminars intended for those living and working in intercultural settings. These include:

Brain, Mind and Culture Masterclass
The Brain, Mind & Culture (BMC) Masterclass is a blended learning course (webinar-podcast-online learning) that introduces the latest insights of culture, brain and mind sciences to those living and working interculturally. 
Deep Culture Learning Seminar
This two-day seminar provides you an understanding of deep culture learning. It covers key ideas related to deep culture’s influence on cognition, identity and emotion. 
Deep Culture Difference
This two-day seminar focuses on a scientific understanding of cultural difference as it is experienced in our everyday lives. It will help you to gain a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, bias and empathy. 
Deep Culture Adjustment
Adapting to travel or life abroad can lead to positive transformational change, but it can also lead to stress, culture shock and even increased prejudice. This two-day seminar helps you understand and successfully manage this powerful process.