Mind, Brain and Culture–New Paradigms in Intercultural Understanding

(Germany – February 23-24)

Blended learning workshop: Two day intensive February 23-24 9:00-17:00 ; Online before and afterwards.

We invite a small group of experienced intercultural trainers, educators and coaches who are keen to re-examine their profession from a cognitive neuro-scientific perspective

What will we do?
In this highly interactive and intensive seminar and blended learning community, we will explore how new research in cognitive neuroscience is revolutionizing our understanding of culture and mind. Shifting paradigms create challenges and opportunities for intercultural trainers and educators. In this workshop, you will be introduced to new research in culture and cognition. The facilitators invite you to re- examine basic concepts including: definitions of culture, cultural difference, bias, language and culture, culture and identity. These new conceptualizations might well change your approach to intercultural training and education — especially the way you foster self-reflection. You will be inspired to meet the challenges of our profession in light of increasingly polarized opinions.

Join us and …
– become familiar with current research in culture and cognition
– re-examine key concepts from the neurocognitive perspective
– sharpen your vision on the intercultural mind
– co-create tangible take-aways to use in your own work
– be part of a unique experience and network with innovative colleagues

Preparatory Phase
 You receive Joseph Shaules’ book The Intercultural Mind.
 There will be a personal intake session with each participant.  Basic concepts, reading material and brief exercises online.

Intensive Seminar
 Two-day seminar at Reichenstein Castle (Germany)
 Intensive learning sessions in a beautiful historical setting that
allows for deep concentration.
 Highly interactive workshop with opportunities for discussion and co-creation.
Online Phase

Followup phase 
 We will then continue learning and exchanging together in the online community and finally wrap up with a last webinar.

Joseph Shaules, a pioneer in applying insights from cognitive neuroscience to intercultural education and training. Author of: The Intercultural Mind
Matthieu Kollig – intercultural trainer and certified coach
Yvonne van der Pol – intercultural trainer and blended learning expert

Location: Online and in Castle Reichenstein

The course fee: Includes a personal intake, the book The Intercultural Mind, the blended learning (before and afterwards), the two-day course and all materials. € 950
Accommodation: Accommodation includes pick-up and drop off at nearest railway station (1 hr from Frankfurt Airport), 2 nights and all meals. € 300
Welcome Dinner (optional): We invite you to join us for a 3-course pre-training dinner on February 22nd. € 40
VAT: All prices are exclusive of VAT

Participants receive a certificate of attendance

Registration and more information

For more information contact: ws.interculturalmind(at)globalpilots.de
Please register by using the registration form here