Deep Culture Learning

This two-day seminar provides you an understanding of deep culture learning. It covers key ideas related to deep culture’s influence on cognition, identity and emotion. Activities focus on making sense of intercultural experiences, improving our ability to empathize across cultures, developing cultural self-understanding, and becoming a cultural “bridge person”.

Is this seminar for you?

The seminar is meant for interculturalists, educators and trainers interested in exploring deep culture in more theoretical depth, and in reflecting more fully on their intercultural experiences and in learning processes.

You will …

  • learn to differentiate between surface and deep culture
  • learn how understanding brain and mind sciences can encourage deep culture learning
  • become familiar with key concepts related to cultural and cognitive neuroscience.
  • gain awareness of how our intuitive mind (unconscious auto-pilot) is shaped by culture.
  • see that resistance to cultural difference is a natural part of deep culture learning
  • reconcile universal human qualities with cultural difference

Seminar content and key questions

  • What is deep culture? (Deep Culture Learning Model)
  • What is brain? What is mind? What is cognition?
  • What are dual processing models of cognition? (reflective and intuitive mind)
  • How do brain, mind and cognition relate to culture? (The intercultural mind, embodiment)
  • What is (inter-)cultural learning? (The Oz-Moment; the Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning)
  • Why is deep culture learning challenging? (the demanding complexity and intensity of cultural learning)


  • Joseph Shaules (PhD). Professor, Author and Director of the Japan Intercultural Institute
  • Yvonne van der Pol. Sociologist, Author, Intercultural Trainer and Board member of SIETAR Europe

Deep Culture Learning Certificate

Participants who satisfactorily complete the seminar, and demonstrate an understanding of course content (through a written evaluation), will receive the Deep Culture Learning certificate.

Dates and location

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we haven’t planned any dates yet. Add yourself to our mailing list if you like to be updated.

For more about deep culture learning:

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