June 1 (FRI) 7:00pm-9:00pm

JII Learning Circle-Hanna Chouchane


July 1 (SUN)-5 (THU)

Joseph Shaules Presentation at International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology Congress


July 14 (SAT)

Joseph Shaules Lecture-Yume-nabi Live


August 8 (WED)

Workshop, SIETAR World Congress



February 23 (FRI)-24 (SAT)

Train the Trainer Workshop (Germany)

Title: Mind, Brain and Culture: New Paradigms in Intercultural Understanding


December 2 (SAT)

Resistance is Normal: Barriers to Motivation and the Psychology of Language Learning

Sponsored by the Japan Intercultural Institute, with support from MEXT (Japanese  Ministry of Education)


September 29 (FRI)—30 (SAT)

JALT Shizuoka Chapter Conference

Constructive Communication Across Gender And Cultures


June 10 (SAT)

JII One-day Intensive Seminar Linguaculture Learning—Theory, research and classroom practice