Japan Intercultural Institute

The Japan Intercultural Institute(JII) is a non-profit institute supporting education and career development for intercultural professionals such as intercultural trainers, language teachers, intercultural educators, and those working in international business.

Intercultural Seminars

JII sponsors intercultural seminars to a wide range of intercultural professionals. Seminars focus on bringing together theory and practice and expanding the role of intercultural education and skills in business, language teaching, elementary, secondary and university education. Seminars are taught by leading professionals,  provide networking opportunities and bring together a broad-based community of intercultural specialists.Seminars are held in English and Japanese.


JII encourages the spread of intercultural education in Japan by sponsoring the development of textbooks and educational materials. JII works with major publishers and educational institutions to create theoretically sound, practical materials for global issues education, English for internationalism, and intercultural education. JII affiliate members work together to bridge the gap between abstract intercultural theory,and practical materials, research projects and program design.

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