Deep Culture Seminars

The Japan Intercultural Institute offers a series of educational seminars for intercultural educators, trainers, and those living in international settings. Seminars focus on understanding and encouraging deep culture learning, intercultural effectiveness and personal growth. It helps us to act as a cultural “bridge person”—someone who lives among and between different cultural communities. Deep Culture Seminars lead to three levels of certification. These seminars are focused both on personal and professional development. Higher-level seminars are intended primarily for intercultural professionals.

Certificate Program in Deep Culture Learning

There are three levels of deep culture seminars and certification.

  • Foundations of Deep Culture Learning
    Requires successful completion of Foundations of Deep Culture Learning
  • Advanced Certificate in Deep Culture Learning                                         
    Requires successful completion of two advanced seminars of:

      -Deep Culture Difference          

      -Deep Culture Adjustment        

  • Master Practitioner in Deep Culture Education and Training 
    Requires successful completion of two Master Practitioner seminars of:

     -Deep Culture Empathy        

     -Deep Culture Journey        

Our Learning Mission–A Vision of Edward Hall

Visionary thinker Edward T. Hall (e.g. The Silent Language, 1959) felt that globalization creates challenges and opportunities for humankind. Hall believed that the biggest barrier to deep forms of intercultural understanding is our blindness to how culture shapes our mind and perceptions. Today, research in cultural psychology and cognitive neuroscience is shedding new light on how culture shapes fundamental elements of cognition, emotion, and identity. JII’s deep culture seminars are at the cutting edge of adapting the latest insights in mind, brain and education sciences to fulfill Hall’s vision.

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