Workshop: Barriers to Motivation and the Psychology of Language Learning

Sponsored by the Japan Intercultural Institute,
with support from MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education)

Join JII for a half-day workshop on the motivation and the psychology of language learning. We will be discussing JII’s current research project (sponsored by the Ministry of Education) into psychological resistance towards language and culture learning. Participants will learn state-of-the-art approaches to understanding motivation, share their approaches to engaging students, participate in an ongoing research project, and network with other dedicated educators.When: Saturday, December 2nd, 2017


December 2nd (Saturday) 14:00-17:00
(13:00-14:00 Pre-workshop lunch/networking. Bring something to eat and network informally with project members, and workshop participants.)
Juntendo University, Ochanomizu Campus
Joseph Shaules, Gabriela Schmidt, Rob Fritz, Sumiko Miyafusa


13:00-14:00Pre-workshop lunch/networking
14:00-14:10Research project overview (10)
14:10-15:10Resistance is Normal—Psychological barriers to language and culture learning. Speaker: Joseph Shaules
15:10-15:45Motivation in Context—Reports on ongoing research. Speakers: Gabriela Schmidt, Rob Fritz, Sumiko Miyafusa
16:00-16:30 Small-group discussion—Strategies to reduce resistance and increase engagement
16:30-17:00 Large-group sharing
17:00 Closing

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