Advanced Deep Culture Seminars

Advanced seminars are open to anyone who has completed the introductory seminar Foundations of Deep Culture Learning. They deepen participants understanding of core elements of deep culture learning. Advanced seminars are recommended for interculturalists and educators interested in exploring deep culture in more theoretical depth, and in reflecting more fully on their intercultural experiences.

Deep Culture Difference

This seminar helps participants gain a deeper understanding of cultural difference and diversity. Activities focus on learning to look beyond the surface of cultural difference and enter more fully into other worldviews. Participants practice gaining an intuitive understanding of contrasting patterns of culture that we discover through intercultural living. An understanding of cognitive processes has provided new avenues of understanding the complexity of cultural patterns, and comparing cultural communities. This workshop focuses on this new body of research, and provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on the deep cultural patterns they find within themselves, and through their intercultural experiences.

Deep Culture Adjustment

Adapting to travel or life abroad can lead to positive transformational change, but it can also lead to stress, culture shock and even increased prejudice. This seminar helps participants understand and successfully manage this powerful process. Participants learn to distinguish between surface and deep culture learning. They learn about psychological stresses of intercultural adjustment, including culture surprise, culture stress, and culture shock. They learn that psychological resistance is a natural part of the cultural adjustment process. They learn how to encourage the development of deep culture empathy, the ability to look at the world through a new pair of cultural glasses.

Advanced Certificate of Deep Culture Learning

Participants who satisfactorily complete both advanced seminars, and demonstrate an understanding of course content (through a written evaluation), will receive the Advanced Certificate in Deep Culture Learning. This advanced certificate is a pre-requisite for attending Master Practitioner workshops: Deep Culture Empathy or Deep Culture Journey        

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