Intercultural Education

JII supports intercultural (IC) educators working in Japan. This includes teachers in primary, secondary and university education. JII seeks to strengthen the connection between language teaching and IC education. JII also focuses on study-abroad preparation and university content-based courses in IC, global issues and international relations.

University Education

The field of intercultural communication is spreading rapidly in university education as the traditional language teaching focus on literature and conversation shifts towards internationalization built on content-based teaching, area studies, cross-cultural comparison, global issues and English for specific purposes. International studies, exchange programs and business English is also increasing. Future JII seminar topics include: Teaching IC, English Education and Intercultural Communication, Teaching Global Issues education, Curriculum design for internationalization, Study-abroad programs planning.

Secondary Education

Juniorand Senior High School language teachers are facing new challenges due to demands for more communicative teaching and requirements to include oral communication in syllabi. The expansion of the hiring of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) means more intercultural collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese English teachers. This often involves new approaches to teaching and curriculum design. Future Seminar topics include: Cooperative teaching techniques for AETs Intercultural issues of team teaching – Communicative language teaching for High School -Testing Communicative teaching.

Elementary Education

With the recent Ministry of Science and Education directive to begin teaching kokusai rikai(international understanding) to children, many elementary educators are struggling with the professional demands of incorporating global issues and foreign language teaching into their curriculums. Future seminar topics for JII include: Basics of English Teaching for Children- Curriculum planning for kokusai rikai Teaching global issues to Children.